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NAMRIA passes 1st surveillance audit for ISO 9001:2015
Accreditations | Jeff Aguillon | 15 October 2019 | Print
After a rigorous two-day surveillance audit conducted on 13-14 August 2019, NAMRIA reached another milestone as it was recommended for continued certification to ISO 9001:2015for Mapping and Geospatial Information Management. The decision from Certification International Philippines (CIP), Inc. was announced during the presentation of the final audit report held at the NAMRIA Board Room on 14 August 2019.  The CIP auditors were Mr. Renato G. Madrid, Jr., team leader, and team members Mr. Ernesto O. Dela Cruz and Ms. Lisa G. Rosal.
Management Review audit with CIP auditor Renato G. Madrid, Jr. -- ERLITO P. SABEROLA
Audit for all units of Hydrography Branch (Office of the Director)
with CIP auditor Renato G. Madrid, Jr. -- ERLITO P. SABEROLA
Audit for Cartography Division-Mapping and Geodesy Branch
with CIP auditor Ernesto O. Dela Cruz -- ERLITO P. SABEROLA
Audit for PCRD-RDAB with CIP Auditor Lisa G. Rosal -- ERLITO P. SABEROLA
Audit for Administrative Division and Financial and Management Division of the Support Services Branch
with CIP auditor Lisa G. Rosal -- ERLITO P. SABEROLA
Audit for Geospatial Information Services Division-Geospatial Information System Management Branch
with CIP auditor Lisa G. Rosal-- ERLITO P. SABEROLA
According to the CIP report, the organization’s compliance to relevant requirements of the standards was confirmed with one minor nonconformity.  The key good points reported were the following: (1) Quality Objectives are closely monitored monthly and actions were taken for unmet goals; (2) Quality Management System (QMS) monitoring and measurement are carried out well through Internal Quality Audit (IQA), Management Reviews and review of quality objectives; and (3) Leadership is highly committed to customer satisfaction and committed to employing an effective QMS.  The only minor nonconformity found during the audit was the lack of evidence that performance evaluation has been conducted and controls have been defined for and applied to the following outsourced processes: (a) diving services by Physiography and Coastal Resource Division-Resource Data Analysis Branch (PCRD-RDAB) and (b) calibration of steel measuring tapes used by the Survey Support Division- Hydrography Branch.
Administrator Peter N. Tiangco (center), other NAMRIA officials, employees,
and CIP auditors  pose for a souvenir group picture after the presentation 
of final audit results. -- VENER QUINTIN C. TAGUBA, JR.
It was the second surveillance audit held since the agency migrated from ISO 9001:2008 QMS standards to ISO 9001:2015 on 19 September 2018.

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