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MGB conducts geodetic surveys of Mount Pulag
News & Event(s) | Erlito Saberola | 27 May 2016 | Print
 NAMRIA survey teams from the Mapping and Geodesy Branch (MGB) accompanied by Director Ruel DM. Belen conducted leveling, gravity, and global navigation satellite system (GNSS) surveys from 30 March to 14 April 2016; from 30 March to 10 April 2016 and from 03 to 06 May 2016; and from 04 to 10 April 2016, respectively, in the city of Baguio and in the municipalities of Atok, Bokod, and Kabayan, Province of Benguet. 
Granite tile of BGT-11 at the Mount Pulag summit
The leveling team led by SN3 Alamar sighting the level rod positioned at the summit of Mt. Pulag
The activities form part of NAMRIA’s Geodetic Network Development Project.  The project aims to determine the actual elevation, gravity value, and coordinates of Mount Pulag through geodetic leveling, gravity, and GNSS surveys. 
The leveling team had successfully covered a total of 18 kilometers of first-order level lines, including 14 benchmarks (BMs) from Bokod, Benguet to the newly established geodetic control point (GCP) BGT-11 at the summit.  They painstakingly traversed the Mt. Pulag trail using Trimble Dini-03 Level and two foldable rods for ten days in two level runs or directions: Forward (ascending) and Backward (descending).  Similarly, gravity and GNSS surveys were also conducted at BGT-11 using CG-5 gravimeter and Trimble R10 GNSS receivers using the existing control point references in the vicinity.  The data gathered from the surveys will serve as inputs in processing the Elevation, Geographic Coordinates (in WGS84 and ITRF), and gravity value of BGT-11.  These useful information will be engraved on the monument for the appreciation of tourists and mountaineers visiting the summit. 
(photo above) GNSS and (photo below) Gravity survey teams conducting GNSS observation and gravity measurement, respectively, at the summit of Mt. Pulag
Another team from MGB conducted refurbishment of BGT-11 monument and installed the granite tile engraved with all information.  They also handed over a tarpaulin banner on the NAMRIA Survey Team to the Protected Areas Office of the DENR-CAR) on 03 to 06 May 2016.   
(5th from left) Engineer Rivera presents the granite tile of BGT-11 and tarpaulin banner to the officials of DENR-CAR, Baguio City
Ultimately, there are five teams that have trekked the third highest mountain in the Philippines: 1) Leveling Survey Team led by SN3 Dexter R. Alamar, with: Christian C. Samin, Jerry P. Evangelista, Joel D. Panes Jr., and Aries C. Zafra; 2) Gravity Survey Team 1 led by Shelmark S. Peñaranda, with: Engr. Ferdinand F. Fernandez,  Armando G. Adeva, and Edil Eleno S. Nadal; 3) Gravity Survey Team 2 led by Engr. Aila Leana T. Sampana with Mr. Nadal; 4) GNSS Survey Team led by Engr. Sampana, with: Marietta M. Perez de Tagle, Floren C. Madrilejo, Rodolfo A. Quibada, Elias B. Calucag Jr., Jesus L. Alcala Jr., Joana Marie T. Panes, Gerick S. Aquino, Arnold S. Santos, Jeffrey A. Ramos and Jay D. Cepe; and Refurbishment Team led by Engr. Denecia B. Rivera, with: Liberty L. Caluya, SN3 Alamar, Mr. Calucag Jr., and Ms. Panes. 
Documentation support was provided by the NAMRIA Camera Club led by MGB Director Belen.  The members who were with the survey teams are the following: Andy Nicolas G. Adeva, Ariel B. Ladrido, Homer H. Mesa, Romulo S. Narcida Jr., Rowel G. Razal, Rustico C. Soriano Jr., Vener Quintin C. Taguba Jr., and this writer.  The NAMRIA drivers who transported the team were:  Jan Lois A. Bartolome, Jose Jay L. Juane, Joseph M. Delovino, Rowel R. Gonzaga, and Noel B. De Guzman.
(photo above) NAMRIA Survey Team and NAMRIA Camera Club with MGB Director Belen (5th from left, front row) at the summit of Mt. Pulag, Kabayan, Benguet and (photo below) at the Protected Areas Office, DENR-CAR, Bokod, Benguet 

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