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NAMRIA partners with Ordnance Survey International for the optimization of PageNET
News & Event(s) | Charisma Victoria Cayapan | 7 April 2017 | Print
In line with NAMRIA’s plan to modernize the Philippine Geodetic Reference System (PGRS), the Agency commissioned the services of Ordnance Survey International (OSI) to optimize the performance and value of the Philippine Active Geodetic Network (PageNET), the country’s network of permanently installed and continuously operating geodetic reference stations (CORS).
OSI is a subsidiary of Ordnance Survey (OS), Britain’s mapping agency, the latter having more than 200 years of experience in developing and managing geospatial information to support sustainable development.  OS is also one of the first organizations worldwide to successfully implement a business model for their OS Net, PageNET’s equivalent in Britain, ensuring the lucrative operation of its CORS network.  OSI brings OS products, services and expertise to different governments and businesses around the world.
Courtesy call of OSI and partners on NAMRIA MGB Director Ruel DM. Belen
Through this partnership, OSI conducted a series of activities on 27 February-08 March 2017 in NAMRIA to realize the objectives of the project.  These included:  
a.    Deformation training – One of the salient objectives of the modernization of the PGRS is to account for the effects of geodynamics in the country’s geodetic reference system.  To understand how ground movements brought on by seismic events and tectonic plate motion impact the integrity of the PageNET and of the PGRS as a whole, deformation training was conducted for select technical personnel of the Geodesy Division of the NAMRIA Mapping and Geodesy Branch (MGB) on 27 February-01 March 2017 at the Mapping and Geodesy Conference Room.  Dr. Stuart Edwards and Prof. Peter Clarke of Newcastle University conducted the three-day training.
Deformation training with Prof. Peter Clarke and Dr. Stuart Edwards from Newcastle University 
b.    User Needs Analysis Workshops -  To better understand the requirements of the current and future customers of the PageNET, OSI led a series of workshops for key PageNET user communities on 01-03 March 2017 at the NAMRIA Lecture Hall.  Dr. Paul Cruddace of OSI facilitated the discussions for 50 participants representing various sectors, which included academic and research institutions and sectors in disaster risk reduction and management, surveying and mapping, infrastructure, transportation and environment.
User needs workshops with key PageNET stakeholders 
c.    PageNET System Review – A high-level review of the current system and architecture of PageNET was conducted on 06-08 March 2017 by Mr. Mark Greaves of OS.  This activity had as objective to better understand the potential and obtain maximum usage of PageNET.  The review included base station technology, information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, integrity monitoring capability, and system redundancy/robustness, among others.
PageNET system review with Mr. Mark Greaves of Ordnance Survey (OS)
Additionally, two personnel from the NAMRIA MGB Geodesy Division are attending the short courses on GNSS and Network RTK, and on High-Precision GNSS using Post-Processing in Newcastle University, United Kingdom.
OSI is currently preparing its assessment reports based on the information gathered during their in-country activities.  These will include a roadmap of activities to achieve the desired future state of PageNET, and an estimate of revenue potential for the PageNET to offset its development, among others.

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