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NAMRIA and ONE renew its partnership, ink CNA for three years
NAMRIA Events | Jeffrey A. Quodala | 17 January 2024 | Print
Officials of NAMRIA and the Organization of NAMRIA Employees (ONE) had a meeting in the boardroom of the NAMRIA Fort Bonifacio Office, Taguig City on 07 December 2023 to discuss with finality and sign the new NAMRIA-ONE Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) for fiscal years (FYs) 2023 to 2026. The new CNA is composed of eight articles with section numberings that continue across the articles.
The changes to this CNA were jointly reviewed by NAMRIA officials and ONE during the meeting. The resulting major changes to the new CNA are the following:
  • Collaboration of ONE with management towards the realization of NAMRIA's strategic goals and initiatives and in the attainment of the agency's performance commitment, including adherence to the NAMRIA's core values of Professionalism, Transparency and Accountability, Innovativeness, Efficiency, and Collaborativeness;
  • Joint promotion of cost-cutting measures including, but not limited to, the prudent use of office resources, conservation of electricity and water through the implementation of energy and water conservation measures and solid waste management projects/programs;
  • Inclusion of ONE in the newly-created Safety, Health, and Resiliency Committee;
  • Continuous implementation of flexible work arrangements and payment of overtime services rendered through compensatory time-off and other means on top of the regular benefits in accordance with Civil Service Commission (CSC) rules and regulations and other pertinent laws, including the provisions of the Government Accounting and Auditing Manual;
  • Joint support for the NAMRIA Damayan Fund;
  • Support for the celebration of ONE Anniversary during the month of August; and,
  • Grant of the Department of Budget and Management-authorized maximum collective negotiation incentive, which will fund the health care/maintenance coverage/program for all officials and rank-and-file employees.
NAMRIA Administrator, Usec. Peter N. Tiangco, PhD headed the NAMRIA negotiating panel. The members of his negotiating panel were Deputy Administrator (DA) Efren P. Carandang, Officer-in-Charge (OIC)-DA Ofelia T. Castro, Geospatial Information System Management Branch (GISMB) Director Febrina E. Damaso, Hydrography Branch OIC-Director, Capt. Carter S. Luma-ang, Mapping and Geodesy Branch Director Ruel DM. Belen, Resource Data Analysis Branch OIC Sylvia L. Esperanza, Support Services Branch (SSB) Director Concepcion A. Bringas, and Chief of Staff Rowena E. Bongalos. Administrative Division-SSB Chief, Atty. Jessie M. Racimo, Financial and Management Division-SSB OIC Grace A. Tolentino, and NAMRIA Legal Officer, Atty. Erwin B. Bellen assisted the NAMRIA negotiating panel during the meeting. On the other hand, President Ronaldo C. Gatchalian headed the ONE negotiating panel. Vice President Celeste E. Barile, PhD, Secretary Jeffrey A. Quodala, Treasurer Liberty L. Caluya, and Public Relations Officer Zenaida A. Leano assisted him. Other members of the ONE Executive Board helped the ONE negotiating panel prepare the draft CNA months prior to the scheduled signing of the new CNA.
The schedule of the ratification of the new CNA by the majority rank-and-file employees and its registration to the CSC will be finalized after the meeting. All pictures used in this article were taken by Jeffrey M. Aguillon of Geospatial Information Services Division-GISMB.
CNA 01
NAMRIA Administrator Tiangco (middle), Deputy Administrator Carandang (right), and ONE President Gatchalian (left) sign the NAMRIA-ONE CNA for FYs 2023-2026 with NAMRIA and ONE officials as witnesses.
CNA 02
NAMRIA and ONE renews partnership through the newly-signed CNA.

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