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NAMRIA participates in CSC 1st quarter CSI leadership series for 2016
News & Event(s) | Maria Romina Pe Benito | 26 April 2016 | Print
NAMRIA leaders were among the government managers and supervisors who attended the first quarter leadership series for 2016 conducted by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) through its Civil Service Institute (CSI). With the theme, “Servant Leadership,”  the event was held at the Pearl Hall of SEAMEO INNOTECH in Quezon City on 16 March 2016.  The said program aims to inspire government managers and supervisors to reflect on their role, responsibility, and purpose as a leader.   
The participants were: Magellan C. Azucena, Arlene B. Brillantes, Maria Romina D. Pe Benito, and Joselito T. Reasol of the Geospatial Information System Management Branch (GISMB); Liza B. Bombais, Dennis Arsenio B. Bringas, Ltjg. Aaron Andro V. Ching, Ltjg. Rommel M. Correa, and Mario A. Princer of the Hydrography Branch (HB); Beata D. Batadlan, Federico D. Macaraeg, Raul T. Magabo, and Violeta A. Quiliza of the Resource Data Analysis Branch (RDAB); and Virgilio N. Panga and Noel R. Vega of the Support Services Branch (SSB).
During the morning session, Mr. KC Lee, an international leadership trainer and a Senior Associate Consultant of the Institute of Training and Development (ITD) World, featured the seminar theme.  The presenters with their corresponding topics in the afternoon sessions are the following: CSC Chairperson Alicia dela Rosa-Bala, “Committed to Serve: The Servant Leader in the Public Sector;” Dr. Jesus P. Estanislao, Chairman Emeritus, Institute of Corporate Directors and Institute for Solidarity in Asia, “Transforming Public Sector Institutions: Common Elements and Lessons from Them;” and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor Amando M. Tetangco Jr., “A Call to Action on Servant Leadership” whose speech was read for him by Atty. Juan D. De Zuñiga Jr.,  a member of the Monetary Board of the BSP,  was also the previous deputy governor in charge of the resource management sector, and served as general counsel of the BSP.
Meanwhile, CSC Commissioner Robert S. Martinez gave the welcome remarks; CSC Director III Maricar T. Aquino of the CSI Leadership Development and Foundation Programs formally introduced Mr. Lee; CSC Executive Director IV, Dr. Arthur Luis P. Florentin facilitated the course integration; and ITD Consulting Group Inc. Country Head Ms. Serely Geraldine D. Alcaraz served as moderator/emcee.  Prior to the course integration there was a roundtable discussion on action planning.
There were lots of poignant messages shared by the speakers.  First from Commissioner Martinez who said that leadership is not about positions, it is more about passion for excellence and for making a difference. The ones from Mr. Lee are: servant leadership is beneficial not just for the organization but also for the individual as leader and for the team; we can lead more effectively by serving others; true service stems from a desire to give from the heart and is freely shared without any expectation for something in return; servant leaders have   the characteristics of listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, commitment to people growth, and building community;  and the four “happy chemicals” in the human brain – (1) Dopamine that helps us to keep going ahead and accomplish things although it is the cause of addiction, (2) Endorphin – the  human morphine that helps us endure pain or sees us to the end of our undertaking, (3) Oxytocin – the chemical of love which counters Dopamine and makes us happier, and (4) Serotonin – the leadership drug that counters depression and helps us to build others up.  
While from Chairperson dela Rosa-Bala, servanthood is the attitude that places the needs of others above us while stewardship is the managing of the resources given to the leaders and maximizing the potential of these resources.  She discussed the following traits which she acknowledged as servant leadership traits that have led her through many years of government service and that “define her as a person and as a child of God”: humility, trust, flexibility, proactivity, creativity, malasakit, integrity, and spirituality.  
Furthermore, Dr. Estanislao discussed shared vision, shared responsibility, and shared values as the major formulas or common elements that transform public sector institutions.  He likewise presented as the lessons “we can all learn from:” the imperative of bringing governance down to the last individual, on a personal level; every enterprise has to tap into the power of teams; and there is a value chain both within the enterprise and within a bigger sector to which the enterprise belongs.  He also spoke about the need to engage the heart and mind, to break down the too many silos in government, not to focus on personalities but instead on the entire enterprise, and to install and continuously nurture a governance culture.  He stressed the need for both servant leaders and individuals who can help the former accomplish the enterprise properly.  He also said that governance is not only about good leaders but is “mainly about everyone in the enterprise imbibing and living a governance culture.”  At the end of his talk, he enjoined his audience to learn from the successful cases of transformed public sector institutions.  
Finally, BSP Governor Tetangco cited the auspicious date of the leadership series as the date of the 59th death anniversary of President Ramon Magsaysay whom he described as “our country’s foremost servant leader” and “was well loved for his simplicity, honesty, integrity, and for being the champion of the common man.”  According to the BSP Governor, the title of “civil or public servants” of government employees is a daily reminder “to put public interest first, ahead of our personal intentions and interests, ahead of ourselves, as such, the specific mandates, responsibilities, and values of our respective institutions should be very clear and understood by all public servants.”  He shared examples of activities in BSP which according to him are done because “we learn a lot from these encounters with both internal and external publics.”  He stressed the need for servant leaders to know their constituents “if we are to help and empower them to get better lives.”
The NAMRIA participants with Mr. Lee (6th from left)                         CSC Chairperson Alicia dela Rosa-Bala discussing her topic
Dr. Estanislao discussing his topic                                                    The NAMRIA participants with CSC Commissioner Nieves L. Osorio and Dr. Estanislao
The NAMRIA participants with CSC Chairperson dela Rosa-Bala and (beside her) CSI Executive Director Florentin

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