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NAMRIA and DPWH Sign Agreement on CORS Data Sharing
News & Event(s) | Charisma Victoria Cayapan | 8 April 2021 | Print
NAMRIA and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 24 March 2021 on sharing of data from their respective Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) networks.  The partnership intends to optimize government resources and promote the use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), especially for infrastructure development.
NAMRIA operates the Philippine Active Geodetic Network (PAGeNet) established in 2008 to support surveying and mapping activities in the country.  The network currently comprises of 52 active geodetic stations installed in strategic locations nationwide.  PAGeNet has been providing reference station data and real time correction services to the public through their online portal http://pagenet.namria.gov.ph.
DPWH, meanwhile, established the DPWH CORS-Net in 2019, primarily to support the government’s national infrastructure program.  Eight stations are currently operational in Luzon, with plans to put up 24 additional stations this year.  Data from the DPWH CORS-Net is currently for internal use while its terms of use are being formulated. 
The partnership is a welcome development for GNSS users as more stations means improved performance for both networks in terms of availability, reliability, and accuracy.  The MOU also paves the way for the standardization of CORS products and services in surveying and mapping activities in the country.
In addition to CORS data sharing, the two organizations also agree to collaborate on geodetic infrastructure maintenance, research and development on CORS and GNSS applications to infrastructure development, as well as technical cooperation on topics relevant to the agreement.
At left is a screenshot of the PAGeNet website showing the active geodetic stations in the country
maintained by NAMRIA. The DPWH also manages a number of active geodetic stations in Luzon (right)

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