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NAMRIA announces latest ENCs
Maritime Affairs | Ens. Monalyne C. Rabino | 10 February 2021 | Print
NAMRIA announces, through its Hydrography Branch (HB), the recent publication of 10 new Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs).  These ENCs contain different features including depths of water, nature of bottom, configuration and characteristics of the coast, dangers and aids to navigation which are necessary for safe navigation.  Compared to a nautical chart which is a physical copy, an ENC is a digital chart integrated in the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) of a ship or vessel.
ENC production involves meticulous procedures starting from data compilation, creation and editing of features, quality control and assurance encompassing multi-level QA tests and ENC simulation up to the final review and databasing.  Updates are also required in areas with notable critical changes over a period of time.  These ENCs were validated prior to publication by the International Centre for Electronic Navigational Charts (IC-ENC), wherein NAMRIA is a member since May 2014.  The IC-ENC, which is operated by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO), ensures that the ENCs produced by its National Hydrographic Offices members are compliant to the international standards and consistent across the global dataset.  In addition, UKHO also participates in validating the equivalent paper charts of the submitted ENCs to IC-ENC.   
NAMRIA currently has a total of 42 published ENCs.  The eight ENCs published on 23 June 2020 and with their corresponding scale, edition and publication date, include:
PH5DUMG - Port of Dumangas
(1:8 000, 2nd Edition, 08 June 2020),
PH4ILOST - Iloilo Strait
(1:22 000, 1st Edition, 26 November 2019),
PH5PATAG - Patag Island
(1:4 000, 1st Edition, 13 November 2019),
PH5ILOH0 - Iloilo Harbor and Vicinity
(1:8 000, 1st Edition, 13 November 2019),
PH5CORON - Port of Coron
(1:8 000, 1st Edition, 29 October 2019),
PH5JAGNA - Port of Jagna
(1:8 000, 1st Edition, 29 October 2019),
PH5SCS40 - Port of San Carlos
(1:12 000, 1st Edition, 22 October 2019), and
PH5LAWAK - Lawak Island
(1:4 000, 1st Edition, 20 June 2018).
The HB published two additional ENCs on 16 October 2020, namely:
PH3CPEGN - Cape Engano to Lobod Point
(1:90 000, 1st Edition, 16 October 2020), and
PH3LOBOD - Lobod Point to Dijohan Point
(1:90 000, 1st Edition, 16 October 2020).
NAMRIA’s clientele who are interested to purchase the aforementioned products and need further information may contact the NAMRIA Map Sales Office – San Nicolas, Manila Branch at telephone numbers (+632) 8245-9498 and (+632) 8241-3494, local 117. 

Readers can email newscoop@namria.gov.ph or fax letters to +63-2 8884-2855 for their comments and suggestions.

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