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VAW-free community starts with NAMRIA
News & Event(s) | Marlon Mariņas | 18 December 2017 | Print
NAMRIA joined the 18-day nationwide campaign of the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) to end violence against women (VAW) and children. This year’s theme, “VAW-free community starts with Me,” aimed to promote positive advocacy messaging on VAW. The campaign enjoined everyone to pursue the common vision of a VAW-free community while highlighting what can be done to achieve such.
The observance jumpstarted with the training program on the assessment/evaluation of Gender and Development (GAD)-mainstreamed projects using the Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) tool cum Workshop on GAD Planning and Budgeting on 20 to 22 November 2017. The training was conducted to assess the agency’s gender mainstreaming goals and the design, development, and implementation of gender-responsive programs or activities; and to address gender issues and gaps in the GAD plans and programs. 
Workshop participants assess the gender-responsiveness of selected NAMRIA projects
using the HGDG tool under the guidance of the resource speaker, Ms. Monette S. Santos,
GAD resource pool member of the Philippine Commission on Women.
The official streamer announcing the beginning and participation of NAMRIA in the 18-Day Campaign
Screenshot of the updated NAMRIA website featuring the 18-Day Campaign as an online advocacy
Also part of the 18-day activity was the Gender Sensitivity Training (GST) conducted on 07 December for new employees. The training aimed to develop awareness, knowledge and skills and to change perceptions, attitudes and behaviors in relation to gender among NAMRIA employees. The training also heightened employees’ awareness of gender concerns and the willingness to respond to gender issues. Mr. Jeff A. Quodala, Information Officer IV of the Geospatial Information Services Division and a member of the Information, Education and Communication Committee of the NAMRIA GAD Focal Point System (GFPS), served as the resource person for the GST.
 (Top Left) NAMRIA GFPS Vice-Focal Person Assistant Director Ofelia T. Castro with the opening speech
(Top Right) Mr. Quodala, imparting to the participants how gender shapes the roles of women and men in society, its role in development, and how it affects relations between them. (Bottom)  GST participants
Culminating the 18-Day Campaign was the conduct of the GAD Quiz Bee 2017 held at the NAMRIA Lecture Hall on 12 December 2017. It was conducted to challenge and expand not only the participants’ but also the audiences’ knowledge and understanding about facts, information and current events on women concerns and on GAD. The contest was participated in by four representatives from each branch with Mr. Quodala as the quiz master. Chief of Staff Rowena E. Bongalos, Support Services Branch Director (SSB) Febrina E. Damaso, and Nautical Charting Division OIC Tita P. Cruz comprised the Board of Judges.
The teams were composed of the following: Myra Garra, John Albert Baltazar, Eugenio Dela Rosa Jr., and Team Leader Rose Arianne Borlaza for the Resource and Data Analysis Branch (RDAB); Fely Espinas, Annrou Ramos, Andres Roque II, and Team Leader Rosalyn Sontillanosa of the Geospatial Information System Management Branch (GISMB) ; Richdoll Chou, Mike Aldrin Dacatimban, Christopher Diondel Duque, and Team Leader Clarissa Mae Brazza of the Hydrography Branch (HB); Phoebe Evangelista, Erwin Gofredo, Ferdinand Ratum, and Team Leader Charisma Victoria Cayapan of the Mapping and Geodesy Branch (MGB); and Janice Malapitan, Ronald Alis, John Michael Hita and Team Leader Anjanette Alabas of SSB.
(Left) GFPS Focal Person Director Rijaldia N. Santos formally opens the quiz bee.
(Right) The members of the GAD Quiz Bee 2017 Board of Judges
GAD Quiz Bee 2017 first placer, Team RDAB together with the GFPS Focal Person and the Board of Judges
            GAD Quiz Bee 2017 second placer, Team GISMB                GAD Quiz Bee 2017 third placer, Team HB

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