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NAMRIA explores intelligence image analysis services
News & Event(s) | Aljerico A. Alcala | 21 March 2017 | Print
Jane’s IHS Markit Asia Pacific Director Russel Smith visited NAMRIA on 16 March 2017 to promote the company’s geospatial information (GI) products and services particularly intelligence image services. He was met by NAMRIA officials and staff headed by Director John Fabic of Geospatial Information Services Management Branch and Assistant Director Amante Caluya, Jr. of the Hydrography Branch.
A meeting followed at the Geospatial System and Development Conference Room of NAMRIA. Ms. Beata Batadlan and Ms. Maricel De Luna represented RDAB and MGB respectively. Director Smith presented a wide coverage of geospatial data like surveillance information on socio-economic activity that can be integrated into a geospatial database. Also, he presented a strategic map on mineral exploits and marine traffic in the West Philippine Sea.  Director Fabic encouraged the IHS Executive to have GI products be made available to the Philippine Geoportal (PG) to benefit our PG stakeholders particularly agencies, bureaus or offices dealing with intelligence activities and national security issues.
 Dir. Russel Smith explains to Dir.  Fabic the valuable geospatial information which Jane’s IHS Markit products and services offer -- FATIMA A. SANTOS
Jane’s IHS Markit Asia Pacific Office (www.ihs.com) is located in Singapore. Their Terrorism and Insurgency Centre provides global intelligence resource information in shapefile and geodatabases and is the leading source of information and insight in critical areas that shape today's business landscape.         

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