Working productively and collaboratively: NAMRIA concludes Google Workspace End-User Training
Volume XXXV Issue No. 66
By: Roberto L. Callorina

NAMRIA, through the Geospatial Information and Communications Technology (GICTD) – Geospatial Information System Management Branch (GISMB), led the conduct of the Google Workspace End-User Training with resource persons from Google Asia Pacific and EZTech IT Solutions. It was attended by participants from various NAMRIA branches and roles via Google Meet on 10 and 24 November 2023. The training was part of the agency's Google Workspace subscription renewal and aimed to equip the participants with the knowledge and skills to utilize Google Workspace applications more effectively and collaboratively.
GW 01
Screenshot of the resource person and the participants during the Google Workspace End-User Training session
GW 02
The resource person demonstrates how to use Google Workspace Calendar for efficient scheduling and time management
The participants were introduced to various Google Workspace applications, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Chat, Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Sites, and Google Classroom. The trainers provided hands-on demonstrations, interactive exercises, and practical examples to ensure a comprehensive understanding of each application's core and advanced capabilities.
The training was tailored to meet the specific needs of the participants based on a pre-workshop survey which helped identify current knowledge levels and areas requiring more in-depth training. The trainers ensured that the content was relevant and applicable to the participant's daily work by addressing their specific learning needs.
Customer Success Manager-Google Workspace Asia Pacific main trainer Christiane Ross Lombos noted the participants' enthusiasm and eagerness to learn as he stated, "We are thrilled with the overwhelming response and active participation we received during the Google Workspace End-User Training." He added that "empowering employees with the skills to leverage Google Workspace applications will not only enhance their individual productivity but also foster a culture of collaboration within the organization."
The training concluded with expressions of gratitude to NAMRIA as host organization for providing the opportunity to conduct the training, and the trainers for the knowledge sharing. Participants were encouraged to continue applying their newfound knowledge and skills to improve their workflows and collaboration within their teams.
The success of the Google Workspace End-User Training reaffirmed NAMRIA's commitment to professional development, leverage cutting-edge tools to drive productivity and collaboration, and remain at the forefront of innovation and efficiency within the industry.

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