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  1. NAMRIA-DDM-Form01 Rev00 Data Validation
  1. NAMRIA-DIM-Form01 Rev00 Document Master List
  1. NAMRIA-DIM-Form02 Rev00 Distribution/Retrieval List
  1. NAMRIA-DIM-Form03 Rev00 Records Inventory and Appraisal
  1. NAMRIA-DIM-Form04 Rev00 Routing Slip
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form01 Rev01 List of Data Gathered
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form02 Rev01 Satellite Image Download Documentation
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form04 Rev01 List of Coastal Resource Sampling Points for Validation
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form19 Rev01 Field Observation of Household/Communities Within Proposed Agricultural (Alienable and Disposable) Land
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form20 Rev01 Field Observation of Land Classification Corners
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form21 Rev01 Accuracy Assessment for Validated Land Classification Corners (RMSE Computation)
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form24 Rev01 Agreement on Rectification of Land Classification Maps
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form25 Rev01 Travel Report
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form26 Rev00 Land Classification Project Report
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form27 Rev01 Image Validation Data of Coastal Resources
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form28 Rev01 Confusion Matrix
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form29 Rev01 Coral Assessment Results
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form3 Rev01 Image Pre-Processing Documentation
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form30 Rev01 Seagrass Assessment Results
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form31 Rev01 Inventory of Gathered Geospatial ENR Datasets
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form32 Rev01 ENR Map Product Client Review
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form33 Rev01 Project Report
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form34 Rev01 Product/Service Acceptance
  1. NAMRIA-ENRM-Form35 Rev00 Complete Staff Work
  1. NAMRIA-FM-Form01 Rev00 Project Fund Monitoring
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM Form04 Rev01 ICT Equipment Performance Monitoring
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form01 Rev01 ICT Preventive Maintenance Checklist
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form02 Rev01 Network Preventive Maintenance Checklist
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form03 Rev01 ICT Equipment Performance Monitoring Summary
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form05 Rev01 ICT Equipment Maintenance Report
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form06 Rev01 Network Performance Monitoring Summary
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form07 Rev01 Network Performance Monitoring
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form08 Rev01 NAMRIA Data Center Monitoring Checklist
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form09 Rev01 ICT Equipment Validation Listing
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form10 Rev01 ICT Equipment Specification Form
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form11 Rev01 Borrowe'r Form
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form12 Rev01 ICT Equipment Validated List Detailed Specifications
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form13 Rev01 ICT Equipment Validated List Summary Statistics
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form14 Rev01 ICT Equipment Validated List Summary Statistics-Detailed
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form15 Rev01 Antivirus Acknowledgement Receipt
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form16 Rev01 Antivirus Status Report
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form17 Rev01 Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form18 Rev01 Monthly IT Security Monitoring Report
  1. NAMRIA-ICTRM-Form19 Rev01 GICTD Client Satisfaction Rating
  1. NAMRIA-ISDM-Form01 Rev01 Certificate of System Installation
  1. NAMRIA-ISDM-Form02 Rev01 Pre and Post Test System User Training
  1. NAMRIA-ISDM-Form03 Rev01 System User Satisfaction Survey
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form01 Rev01 Client Request
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form02 Rev01 Client Order Slip
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form03 Rev01 Client Needs Assessment
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form04 Rev01 Geomatics Training Center Participants Profile
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form05 Rev01 Training Evaluation
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form06 Rev01 IEC Evaluation
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form07 Rev01 Control Checklist
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form08 Rev01 Audio-Visual Presentation (AVP) Evaluation
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form09 Exhibit Evaluation
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form10 Rev01 MOU
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form11 Rev01 MOA-1
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form12 Rev01 MOA-2
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form13 Rev01 Free Issue
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form14 Rev00 Visitor's Slip
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form15 Rev00 Feedback Form
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form16 Rev00 Training MOA for Off-Site Training
  1. NAMRIA-KS-Form17 Rev00 Training MOA for Individual Trainee
  1. NAMRIA-OPM-Form01 Rev01 Project Profile
  1. NAMRIA-OPM-Form02 Rev01 Annual Work Plan
  1. NAMRIA-OPM-Form03 Rev01 Annual Financial Plan
  1. NAMRIA-OPM-Form04 Rev01 Annual Personnel Plan
  1. NAMRIA-OPM-Form05 Rev01 Project Coordination Matrix
  1. NAMRIA-OPM-Form06 Rev00 Project Folder Assessment Form
  1. NAMRIA-OPM-Form07 Rev02 Quality Plan
  1. NAMRIA-OPM-Form08 Rev02 Risk and Opportunity Registry
  1. NAMRIA-OPM-Form09 Rev00 Relevant Interested Party (RIP)
  1. NAMRIA-OPM-Form10 Rev01 Supplemental Action Plan
  1. NAMRIA-PDI-Form01 Rev00 Attendance Sheet (Intra-Agency)
  1. NAMRIA-PDI-Form02 Rev00 Attendance Sheet (Inter-Agency)
  1. NAMRIA-PDI-Form03 Rev00 Minutes of Meeting
  1. NAMRIA-PDI-Form04 Rev00 Post Activity Report (for Facilitator)
  1. NAMRIA-PDI-Form05 Rev00 Post Activity Report (Attendee/s)

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Do you produce road maps?

NAMRIA produces topographic maps that are use as base maps for other thematic maps like land cover, land condition, land classification, cadastral, etc. In addition, we have digital data of road maps available. This data comes from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).


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