2015 NAMRIA Competitive Examination for Probationary Ensigns
By: Norman L. Boydon

Serving the country and the people is no easy job but the honor that goes with it cannot be paid by any amount.

Join the select few.


If you are:

  1. A natural born Filipino citizen,
  2. a graduate of engineering or graduate from a naval or military academy recognized by the government,
  3. a licensed engineer of Civil Service Professional,
  4. at least 5' tall, with 20/20 vision,
  5. and withour color blindness
  6. not more than 30 years old on the day of examination,
  7. willing to serve the country and the people


Take the NAMRIA Competitive Examinations for Probationary Ensigns on 26 September 2015.

Inquire or submit applications to:


For other positions and vacancies, visit or  email us at 


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