The forthcoming Training of NAMRIA Tide Observers from Visayas and Mindanao
By: Joseph Estrella

In line with the Hydrography Branch (HB) capability enhancement of their Tide Observers, the 2nd leg of the training program on Collection of Physical Properties of the Ocean (Temperature, Density, and Salinity) will be held at Crown Regency Hotel and Towers, Cebu City, Cebu on 09-11 May 2017. Participants are Tide Observers from the Visayas and Mindanao island groups.
The training program aims to show the positive relationship of salinity and density by collecting and measuring sea water samples to determine the contributions of various atmospheric and oceanographic events that influence changes in the water. It also intends to provide a thorough insight for the study of climate change, sea level rise, fish stocks and migration, ocean circulations, algae growth, and many more.
Topics to be discussed in the training are collection of the physical properties of the ocean and the corresponding instruments for temperature and salinity, and tide station. Likewise, the duties and responsibilities of Tide Observers, tide station forms and documents, and calibration of instruments will be tackled. The Tide Observers will also receive new thermometers and hydrometers for the acquisition of accurate and reliable data from their respective tide stations. There will be actual demonstrations on the use of these instruments at the NAMRIA Cebu Primary Tide Station.
The training is in coordination  with the Support Services Branch Human Resource (HR) Development Section and is part of  capability building interventions in line with the agency’s strategic HR initiatives. The same training program was conducted for the Luzon island group last year.

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